ondevice ssh

Log into your devices and execute commands and scripts

$ ondevice help ssh

Connect to your devices using the 'ssh' command.

    ondevice ssh [@] [ssh-arguments...]

This is a relatively thin wrapper around the 'ssh' command.
The main difference to invoking ssh directly is that instead of regular host names you'll have to specify an ondevice deviceId.
The connection is routed through the ondevice.io network.

ondevice ssh will try to parse ssh's arguments, the first non-argument has to be
the user@hostname combo.

See ssh's documentation for further details.

- ondevice ssh device1
    simply connect to device1
- ondevice ssh user@device1
    open an SSH connection to device1, logging in as 'user'
- ondevice ssh device1 echo hello world
    run 'echo hello world' on device1
- ondevice ssh device1 -N -L 1234:localhost:80
    Tunnel the HTTP server on device1 to the local port 1234 without opening
    a shell
- ondevice ssh device1 -D 1080
    Starting a SOCKS5 proxy listening on port 1080. It'll redirect all traffic
    to the target host.