ondevice help


  • ondevice help
  • ondevice help <cmd>

Lists available commands and prints usage information on each of them


$ ondevice help
USAGE: ondevice  [...]

- Device commands:
    daemon [--conf=ondevice.conf] [--pidfile=ondevice.pid] [--sock=unix://ondevice.sock]
         Run the ondevice device daemon
         Stops the local ondevice daemon (if running)

- Client commands:
    device   [key1=val1 ...]
         List/manipulate device properties
    list [--json] [--props] [--status=]
         List your devices
    rsync [rsync args...]
         Copy files from/to your devices using rsync
    ssh [ssh-arguments...]
         Connect to your devices using the ssh protocol

- Other commands:
    help [cmd]
         Shows this help screen
         Log in to the ondevice.io service
    status [--json]
         Prints the client and local device status
         List and manage this device's services

$ ondevice help help

ondevice help [cmd]

Lists commands (if [cmd] was omitted) or shows details for a specific command)

    - ondevice help
      lists available commands
    - ondevice help help
      shows help for the 'ondevice help' command
    - ondevice help login
      shows help for the 'ondevice login' command