ondevice list

List your devices and their state:

$ ondevice help list

ondevice list

List your devices

  output JSON, one line/object per device
  include properties (only affects JSON output)
  limit to devices that are on/offline


  $ ondevice list
  ID                State   IP             Version         Name
  demo.7t91ta   offline                ondevice v0.4.3
  demo.fbqh2p   offline   ondevice v0.3.9
  demo.q5dkpm   online      ondevice v0.4.2
  demo.thm7br   offline     ondevice v0.4.3

  $ ondevice list --json --props
  {"id":"demo.7t91ta",state":"offline","stateTs":1490197318991,"version":"ondevice v0.4.3"}
  {"id":"demo.fbqh2p","ip":"","state":"offline","stateTs":1485721709598,"version":"ondevice v0.3.9"}
  {"id":"demo.q5dkpm","ip":"","state":"offline","stateTs":1487068641353,"version":"ondevice v0.4.2","props":{"test":"1234"}}
  {"id":"demo.thm7br","ip":"","state":"offline","stateTs":1490963689912,"version":"ondevice v0.4.3"}

Keep in mind that JSON fields may be missing or null